Hi, it's Wendy

Hello, My name is Wendy a busy mum of two and welcome to our little oasis which is our lives. My life used to consist of corporate life, staggering up the corporate leader with a young family and different challenges in life. I’m energetic, goal driven and going through life full speed.

With the growth of our Family things quickly spun out of focus and eventually life felt like a constant blur and there was never enough time. I’ve always been ambitious and really believed that “As women we can have it all” but never really thought what the price was with “having it all”.

The realization that you get when you let things slip through the cracks and get so focused on work that you have missed all the important moments is like the shattering of a mirror through your whole mindset.

As like many parents I’ve come to realize that you can’t get back those precious moments once they are gone, that's it! I decided to leave my corporate life and focus on my family, the people that need me most.

I enjoyed the brief time off that I had and focused on the kids. It dawned on me that I could be doing more in between my life as a mum and a wife, I also needed to work on myself. Besides being a mother, wife I also need to be me and a big part of that is being financially independent and being goal driven and have my own sense of achievement outside of my family.

That was when I came across Affiliate Marketing, and it changed my life. I believed that earning whilst enjoying your life to the fullest and supporting your family is possible.

If this sounds like you and you want to reclaim back your freedom and time but also achieving enormous possibilities of earning while living your best life then this program is meant for you.

Don’t hesitate to explore new ways to gain back your independence.